However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
-Winston Churchill

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Firm Overview

Emergence Capital Partners invests exclusively in early and growth stage technology-enabled services. The declining cost of IT infrastructure combined with pervasive connectivity has created opportunities for new companies with innovative business models to penetrate large markets and reorder the competitive landscape. Emergence has been at the forefront of this trend with early investments in SaaS, digital media and mobile services companies and brings deep experience and network resources to its portfolio companies. This focused team oriented approach has led to investments in industry leaders such as and SuccessFactors. Emergence manages $580 million across three funds and is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

Our focus is technology-enabled services.

In the same way that focus benefits an entrepreneur, we believe that focus is an advantage for a venture capital firm. Since our inception, we have only invested in technology-enabled services companies. These companies take advantage of the increasingly low cost of technology to create service businesses that scale in a capital-efficient way. Examples of these companies can be found in many of today’s fastest-growing markets including mobile, digital media, and business applications.

We leverage our focus, as a team, to help entrepreneurs win.

Because the technology-enabled services businesses model is relatively new, there are few investors that understand it well. Everything about this model is different from traditional technology companies – from customer acquisition to product development to customer retention. At Emergence, we work hard to bring our technology-enabled services know-how to our portfolio companies. We do this as a team, meaning that an entrepreneur doesn’t just benefit from the efforts of one individual, but of an entire partnership.

Our track record proves that our focused, team-oriented approach works.

We have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who have built successful, market-leading public companies such as, SuccessFactors, HireRight, DoubleClick, Ask Jeeves, aQuantive, NetPerceptions, Lexar Media and Visual Networks. There is no better evidence of the strength of our investment approach than successful outcomes such as these.

We are the leading firm focused on technology-enabled services businesses. Learn more about our firm values and what we look for to see if we should connect

What makes a successful technology-enabled services company?

  • A company that leverages technology internally to deliver a service, rather than selling technology
  • A recurring revenue model with low implementation friction and high scalability
  • An infrastructure that exists completely outside the customer premises, thereby reducing their IT load
  • A business that earns customer satisfaction every day