However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
-Winston Churchill

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Our Values

We are entrepreneurs. We founded Emergence in 2003, when the economy was at its bleakest. We know what it’s like to bet everything to make our vision a reality. We know how it feels to go without a salary while our little firm was struggling to attract capital. We know what it means to be totally dependent on our team members, as they are on you.

When we founded Emergence, we knew that we had the opportunity to instill our firm with something that could ultimately be our most enduring competitive advantage – our values. We set out to build a market leading firm, and it seems like our shared values have been one of our most important differentiators.

If you are considering working with Emergence, please think about these values and how they fit with your company. When you deal with anyone at Emergence, look for how we live these values. Compare them to the values that you see in other venture capital firms.

We like to build market leaders

Market leadership has many advantages. It leads to the great wealth creation, it opens strategic possibilities, but most importantly, it’s really, really fun. For you competitive types, it’s called winning. As entrepreneurs, we are determined to be the venture capital market leader in TES, and that means it is important to us that our companies are market leaders in their markets.

Focus, focus, focus

Focus wins. Everyone has scarce resources, but the winner is the one who focuses his resources on the biggest opportunities. Most venture capital firms are diversified, investing in many sectors or many different countries.
Emergence is focused. We are betting 100% on the success of our TES companies. Focus give us unique knowledge by participating in some of the biggest TES successes to date, and it has allowed us to build the strongest network in SaaS, cloud computing, information services and other key TES segments.


In our experience, winning also requires teamwork. We have worked with a lot of gifted and talented entrepreneurs, but there is always an effective team at work behind the scenes. We are proud to have been on those teams, playing our role as investors and board members.
Our firm operates like a basketball team. Everyone must know the playbook and execute when called upon. Each member of Emergence is an expert in building TES companies, but together, we bring a unique set of experiences, a world-class network of relationships and effective decision-making. We are small enough to maintain constant communication among our team members (see Focus above).


Teamwork requires strong and durable relationships. We believe that our success depends on meaningful relationships with our partners. Our biggest successes have been built on relationships of trust and respect. We deliver on our promises.

We stand by our reputation

It is impossible to fool everyone all the time. We know that over the long term, our relationships will determine our reputation and our ultimate success as a market leader. Our reputation is extremely important to us. We want to treat our partners fairly and honestly, recognizing that everyone can be a reference for us.

What makes a successful technology-enabled services company?

  • A company that leverages technology internally to deliver a service, rather than selling technology
  • A recurring revenue model with low implementation friction and high scalability
  • An infrastructure that exists completely outside the customer premises, thereby reducing their IT load
  • A business that earns customer satisfaction every day

Investment Criteria

  • Early and Growth-Stage
  • Compelling customer value proposition
  • Market ladership potential
  • Experienced and passionate managment
  • Up to $10 million initial investment
  • US preferred

Investment Categories