However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
-Winston Churchill

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What We Look For

Our decision to invest rests on our unanimous enthusiasm for a business and the people who will drive its success. When we meet an entrepreneur, there are a few things we want to quickly understand. The answers to these questions tell us whether there may be a match between a company and Emergence.

Are you chasing one rabbit?

Our firm has been built around the principle that tight focus improves the odds of success.

Is your company pursuing a market supernova?

The biggest businesses are built in markets that are experiencing explosive growth.

Does anyone care?

Companies are easiest to grow when they solve a critical problem.

Are they singing your praises yet?

Paying customers who are raving fans are the surest sign that you’re on to something.

If you put $1 in, how much comes out?

Positive unit economics, and capital efficiency, are important to building lasting companies.

Are you a talent magnet?

Great companies are built by exceptional people.

Do you get giddy when your customers are delighted?

In technology-enabled services companies, you earn your customers’ business every day.

What makes a successful technology-enabled services company?

  • A company that leverages technology internally to deliver a service, rather than selling technology
  • A recurring revenue model with low implementation friction and high scalability
  • An infrastructure that exists completely outside the customer premises, thereby reducing their IT load
  • A business that earns customer satisfaction every day