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-George Bernard Shaw

Richard Yanowitch

Executive Advisor

Richard Yanowitch joined Emergence Capital as an Executive Advisor in 2008. As Founder and Chairman of The Entrepreneurs Group, Richard serves as an independent director and founder/CEO coach on the boards of numerous digital media, cloud computing, and social media companies, including video ad network Yume, enterprise social media provider Lithium, and social gaming platform Raptr.

He has also served as an independent advisor to numerous venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, including Accel Partners, where he served as venture partner.

Richard previously served as Vice Chairman and independent director of the NDS Group, a $700 million market leader in digital media technologies, and as Senior Consultant to News Corporation, where he reported to Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch. Prior to that, he served for five years as part of the original executive team and as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of VeriSign, and for six years as Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Sybase. He maintains investment positions in over fifty venture capital funds around the world, spawning the growth of some 1,200 new companies.

Richard serves as a board trustee of the Bay Area Discovery Museum and is founder of The Yanowitch Philanthropic Trust, which supports a broad spectrum of non-profit and charitable causes. He also serves as a senior advisor to national congressional leaders on economic leadership, entrepreneurialism, and innovation. Richard received a B.A. in the Honors Program for Classical Studies at Swarthmore College and a MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is married to Wendy Shuman Kesser, a former Executive Producer for ABC News in San Francisco, and they have two children. His avocations include foreign languages, jazz and classical music, and extensive literary studies including Shakespeare.

Richard Yanowitch